David Bryant… “Mr. Support Friend!”

A brilliant sole of shining light and one of my dearest friends. We have worked together on different projects and I have not seen many people in my life as dedicated as David 🙂

David is a special soul who has created his mission to be that of helping support others to manifest their desires…. He is the Mother Teresa of men and always gives you a spiritual vitamin boost of get-up-and-BAM!!!

His heart is wide open and he has an ocean of loving vibrations to fill you up when your spirit is dampened by the winds of life…. he will lift your heart to the mountain peaks of love!

He is very spiritual in nature and has a wealth of knowledge in the personal development, wellness and arts and entertainment related fields. All you have to do is reach out and ask.

From coaching & empowerment to emotional apple pie & ice-cream… David has a remedy for you to balance your success. Always there when you need him… never more than a phone call, email, IM, webinar away…. His light shines endlessly through the night!!!

Simply put… Don’t leave home without him!

“Sunny D”… he puts the vit “D” in sunshine…. love you always….

~ Raine 🙂

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My Support List & Free Support Resources



As part of my mission at MrSupportFriend.com to support and empower you, I’ve taken the time to research, gather and organize links to websites, blogs, audios, videos, articles and/or other resources that you may find helpful, supportive and empowering.

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“My Free Support Resources!”

I usually send out anywhere between 1-4 updates a month. 

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My Support Services

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If I can help you achieve your dreams and goals, or guide you to the right people and/or resources to help you achieve your dreams and goals, I’m all for it!

I’ve earned a wonderful reputation over the years as “Mr. Support Friend” and I would love to have the opportunity to support you in 1 or more of the following 8 ways:

  1. My Support List & Free Support Resources
  2. Support, Friendship, Motivation & Encouragement
  3. Wellness & Money Support
  4. Music, Arts & Entertainment Support
  5. Guidance & Consulting
  6. My 3 Step Support System
  7. Coaching & Mentoring
  8. MSF Support Packs & Subscriptions

I provide “My Support Services” to individuals and groups mostly online and by phone. This allows me to support, empower and/or connect with many individuals, businesses, groups and organizations.

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Support & Friendship

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I specialize is providing “Support & Friendship” to individuals.

I have been doing this for most of my life with great results. Sometimes people just need someone who is not a family member or friend to talk to about a particular situation related to their personal life, relationship, career, or business.

I am not a counselor, or therapist, but what I am good at is listening, supporting and providing helpful feedback to people.

I encourage you to review “My Testimonials Page” to see what people have to say about me.

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Motivation & Encouragement




In addition to “Support & Friendship” I am very good at providing “Motivation & Encouragement” to individuals and groups. This is very important especially when obstacles occur in life, or there’s a dream or goal you are trying to achieve.

I am blessed and grateful that over the course of my life I have had parents, friends, coaches and mentors who have motivated and encouraged me to achieve my personal, career and business dreams and goals. If you or your group need some quality motivation and encouragement I’d be happy to provide that for you.

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Wellness & Money Support

Wellness & Money


I am a huge advocate of “Wellness & Money Support!”

Having crossed paths with many people who want to be healthier, lose weight, have a health challenge of their own, or would like to make and save money, there is no doubt that supporting yourself and others in the areas of “Wellness & Money” is one of the most supportive and empowering things you can do.

Over the years “Wellness & Money” related information and resources have been shared with me by friends, as well as people I did not know, who were aware of something related to Wellness and/or Finances that helped them and/or others so they shared it with me for Wellness and/or Financial Support.

I have been referred to and have referred others to quality:

  • Wellness Support Products & Services
  • Health, Wellness & Fitness Professionals
  • Financial Education Courses, Programs & Resources
  • Stock & Options Education Courses & Services
  • High Quality Autotrade Newsletter Services For Traders & Investors
  • Entrepreneurs, Business Consultants & Financial Professionals
  • Direct Selling, Network Marketing & Affiliate Marketing Programs

The referrals have been very helpful to me and others and I enjoy sharing information related to “Wellness & Money” with others!

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