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David Bryant “Mr. Support Friend!”


Testimonial From My Support Friend Raine Vance

David Bryant… “Mr. Support Friend!”

A brilliant sole of shining light and one of my dearest friends. We have worked together on different projects and I have not seen many people in my life as dedicated as David 🙂

David is a special soul who has created his mission to be that of helping support others to manifest their desires…. He is the Mother Teresa of men and always gives you a spiritual vitamin boost of get-up-and-BAM!!!

His heart is wide open and he has an ocean of loving vibrations to fill you up when your spirit is dampened by the winds of life…. he will lift your heart to the mountain peaks of love!

He is very spiritual in nature and has a wealth of knowledge in the personal development, wellness and arts and entertainment related fields. All you have to do is reach out and ask.

From coaching & empowerment to emotional apple pie & ice-cream… David has a remedy for you to balance your success. Always there when you need him… never more than a phone call, email, IM, webinar away…. His light shines endlessly through the night!!!

Simply put… Don’t leave home without him!

“Sunny D”… he puts the vit “D” in sunshine…. love you always….

~ Raine 🙂

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