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There are many Investment & Trading Support Services in the marketplace and if you decide to use a service it’s important to choose a service that is of high quality with a proven track record of success.

I have a personal friend who is an investor and trader for nearly twenty years with the passion to help others learn the skill set of trading and investing in the financial markets.

She is the Publisher, and Senior Technical Analyst for her various Investment Research Newsletters that reach clients all over the world. For the past 15 years she has been a sought after Speaker and Educator known for her straight forward approach to trading and investing.

Close to twenty million dollars has been successfully invested following her trade recommendations published in her financial newsletters.

The Vice President of one of the brokerage partners announced at a live convention, that her service outperformed other top advisory services listed with the firm, some competitors were among the biggest investment names in the industry. Customers who followed her recommendations in her newsletter made more gains than subscribers of the top newsletter publishers in the country.

She has sponsored live educational seminar events at the CBOE & the Options Institute, a division of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE). Also secured a daily LIVE video feed from the trading floor, featuring Jon “Doctor J” Najarian, host of CBOE-TV’s “Before the Bell” and the CBOE Options Report with Doctor J prior to the brothers joining CNBC.

She is well respected in the Investment Industry, being offered trading positions at large financial houses and even had an offer from a large brokerage firm to buy out her newsletter company, which she was obviously turned down.

In 2008 she created a Trading Academy designed to help beginner traders around the world to get involved in the stock and options market as self directed traders.

Her and her partners services have grown internationally. They currently offer various newsletter services to subscribers. All with brokerage partner auto-trade capability upon request.


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One of my friend’s partner’s is a top trader who is frequently quoted by Benzinga, StocksNJocks, CNBC, Bloomberg, FoxBusiness and RealMoney. He is a book Author on Trading Strategies. The book is a bestseller on Amazon trading books space. He was ranked THIRD place for the past THREE YEARS in a nationwide “Market Timing Competition.” Later he was ranked 3rd in the Nation in the last 12 months. He was the featured Advisor on Market Timer monthly newsletter and was ranked FIRST in the Nation for the following 12 months. Once a year, he teaches at The Options Institute of CBOE. He is a graduate of Princeton University with a BSE degree in financial engineering, and was a director of strategic planning at Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Aircraft Group and served for eleven years on the Board of Directors of Electronic Clearing House. He is in his twentieth year of serving institutional traders, fund managers, and professional traders. Since February 2001, our data has been available to individual traders and investors, providing everyone access to these powerful trading tools.



Using proven finance strategies designed to stand up against major market volatility, you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on the gold standard of Wall Street Old-Timers and the most cutting edge technical insight.



The mission and values of this PMT service include exceeding the client’s every expectation. Private clients continue to stick with this service year after year as the service helps meet their personal and business needs. Investing with this PMT Service has most recently returned higher than average annualized net returns.




How does AutoTrading with this service work?

Each Sunday evening you receive a comprehensive review of US Equity Indices with the latest charts, detailed commentary & analysis exclusive to this offering. Then each Monday morning during the first trading hour, you will receive their Market Bias Issue with profit targets and stop loss for SPX, which you can use to trade options in SPX and/or SPY if you are a self-directed investor/trader. If Autotrading, its all done for you.

Each Monday morning during the first trading hour, you will also receive one CallSpread or one PutSpread Options trade on SPY based on the same market bias & targets. Each Monday morning, after the first trading hour is complete, you will receive their Market Bias Chart with critical WEEKLY Support, Pivot & Resistance Levels for SPX & SPY.

You will also get every copy of the “Notice of Change of Market Bias” email immediately, with an explanation of why our bias has changed.

You will also be notified 30 to 45 minutes before the Cash Close of their intention to change their Market Bias with that evening.

This is ideal for 401(k) account holders.

Should the final settlement data for price(s), volume(s) and/or internals that gets posted after the Cash Close, present the service with any unusual and/or compelling activities and/or warnings, the service reserves the right, that evening, to upgrade/enhance our prior intention before the Cash Close.

You will also get updated ranking as soon as they are available.

All information will be posted on the landing page of this service. You will need to login to read any alert. Any changes will be by email.

To receive all alerts and updates, be sure the service’s emails are “white listed” by your ISP.



The Management team has twenty plus years experience in the financial industry. Well versed in a variety of financial products including but not limited to equity options as they were created to reduce the risk in the stock market and provide a means to hedge positions during market downturns. Global macro investing is their niche, following the money and the momentum is key.

Servicing thousands of clients around the country and outperforming the top financial gurus in our industry is one of esteemed achievements the team offering theses services hold. Now they are bringing their dedication and focus to their private members with the ultimate team goal to continue to give the highest performance results with the best risk rewards ratio.

The managers and staff are the best in the industry, this is why they have members that remain with them year after year.



The service has several investment vehicles for you to choose from. Non-accredited investors have choices too. The automated Investor services are an easy way to mirror their investments even if you have a smaller account size. This is not a hedge fund, however it can work similarly resulting in higher than traditional returns.



David Bryant aka “Mr. Support Friend!”

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The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.